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Legat Foundation of Russian Classical Ballet (LFRCB)

The Legat Foundation of Russian Classical Ballet is a non- profit UK based Examination Board offering both accredited graded and professional teaching examinations based on the Legat system of Russian Classical Ballet.

The first Legat syllabus for ballet examinations was compiled by Nadine Nicolaeva Legat, Barbara Vernon, Flora Fairburn and Catherine Weguelin in 1937 and subsequently updated in 2006.

The Legat system operates worldwide and demands the highest of standards both technically and artistically. The Legat Foundation are proud of their reputation as world leaders in the delivery of dance examinations operating teacher training throughout the year – please enquire for details from our Head Office.

The Legat Foundation is proud to be a Fully Accredited member of BDQT and hold the status of “Accredited Awarding Body Status”.

For enquiries regarding membership and examinations, please contact Miss Ella Morgan (Secretary) Tel: 07764 479663 Website: http://legat-russian-ballet.co.uk

Brief history of LEGAT

Nicolai Legat was born on 27th December1869 in St. Petersburg, Russia; he entered the Imperial ballet school in1880 And graduated in 1888.

Legat was premier danceur with the Imperial theatre the Mariinsky for 25 years - he and his wife, Nadine Nicolaeva Legat left Russia in 1923 and settled in London in 1930 - his studio at 46 Colet Gardens was a Mecca for dancers in London.

Ninnette de Valois even had private lessons with him.

All the great names, Margot Fonteyn, Anton Dolin, Alicia Markova etc joined his class and he was responsible for all dancers of note during the 20th Century from those who joined Diaghilev’s ballet Russe to schools and dancers worldwide to the present day.

Legat is now accepted as the great grandfather of British Ballet and his bust resides in the “Royal Ballet School” between De Valois and Margot Fonteyn.

In the 1950s Nadine Nicolaeva Legat [always known as Madame Legat] and Barbara Vernon Gregory updated the syllabus for the new school “The Federation of Russian Classical Ballet”

In 1994 John Gregory established The Legat Foundation, a charity set up to advance the education of the public in the life and teachings of Nicolai Legat and the Johansson –Legat system of classical ballet. The first Trustees were; - John Gregory, Moya Vahey Beynon, Beverley Galante, Carol de Fusco, Paula Gunawardena.

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  • BDQT Accreditation: BDQT Accreditation
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