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Legat Foundation of Russian Classical Ballet (LFRCB)

The Legat Foundation of Russian Classical Ballet is a non- profit UK based Examination Board offering both accredited graded and professional teaching examinations based on the Legat system of Russian Classical Ballet.

The first Legat syllabus for ballet examinations was compiled by Nadine Nicolaeva Legat, Barbara Vernon, Flora Fairburn and Catherine Weguelin in 1937 and subsequently updated in 2006.

The Legat system operates worldwide and demands the highest of standards both technically and artistically. The Legat Foundation are proud of their reputation as world leaders in the delivery of dance examinations operating teacher training throughout the year – please enquire for details from our Head Office.

The Legat Foundation is proud to be a Fully Accredited member of BDQT and hold the status of “Accredited Awarding Body Status”.

For enquiries regarding membership and examinations, please contact Miss Ella Morgan (Secretary) Tel: 07764 479663 Website: http://legat-russian-ballet.co.uk

Brief history of LEGAT

Nicolai Legat was born on 27th December1869 in St. Petersburg, Russia; he entered the Imperial ballet school in1880 And graduated in 1888.

Legat was premier danceur with the Imperial theatre the Mariinsky for 25 years - he and his wife, Nadine Nicolaeva Legat left Russia in 1923 and settled in London in 1930 - his studio at 46 Colet Gardens was a Mecca for dancers in London.

Ninnette de Valois even had private lessons with him.

All the great names, Margot Fonteyn, Anton Dolin, Alicia Markova etc joined his class and he was responsible for all dancers of note during the 20th Century from those who joined Diaghilev’s ballet Russe to schools and dancers worldwide to the present day.

Legat is now accepted as the great grandfather of British Ballet and his bust resides in the “Royal Ballet School” between De Valois and Margot Fonteyn.

In the 1950s Nadine Nicolaeva Legat [always known as Madame Legat] and Barbara Vernon Gregory updated the syllabus for the new school “The Federation of Russian Classical Ballet”

In 1994 John Gregory established The Legat Foundation, a charity set up to advance the education of the public in the life and teachings of Nicolai Legat and the Johansson –Legat system of classical ballet. The first Trustees were; - John Gregory, Moya Vahey Beynon, Beverley Galante, Carol de Fusco, Paula Gunawardena.

BDQT Dance Teacher Training Scheme

BDQT are pleased to announce the introduction in 2015/16 of their “Dance Teacher Training Scheme” in conjunction with GB Training. You can download your application form at the bottom of this article in either PDF or Word format.

This is an 12 month fully funded scheme that will be held at two centres, in the South and the Midlands. It will involve intense study of the new BDQT qualification in “Dance Teacher Training” Programme of Study - (15 hours over 3 days per week) plus 15 hours on-site teacher training with a qualified teacher from one of the BDQT member associations over 3 days per week.

You will also be required to train in basic English, Maths and business skills – there are exemptions for candidates who already hold GCSE Grade C or above in these subjects. This requirement is considered as an add-on to the 30 hours.

Entry on to the scheme is by audition plus interview and only open to students of BDQT association teachers. Entry requirements sit at Grade 5 in the subjects candidates wish to train in. A candidate must be endorsed by its teacher/association to be able to enter the scheme.

There is no charge for this scheme, it is fully government funded.

Successful candidates will receive a GB Training / BDQT Certificate in “Dance Teacher Training” plus an Associate Diploma in the subjects taken during the teacher training placements from the Awarding Body concerned.

This scheme will give successful candidates something tangible; a set of qualifications that can be used immediately to teach in established schools, and to set up in business as a self-employed teacher also. The opportunities are endless for the entrepreneurial candidate who will have a realistic set of skills learnt “on the job” – relevant to the real world of dance teaching.

Conditions of entry on to the scheme:

Your teacher must be a member of an Awarding Body that is a member of BDQT.

Ideally, you should be between the ages of 16 and 21 years old.

You must apply to your teacher and be of a grade 5 standard in at least two of the core disciplines to apply and your teachers Awarding Body will submit your application on your behalf.

This is an 12month full-time scheme - the next intake is September 2016.

Entry is by audition and interview ONLY through application.

There are two centres running the scheme, Birmingham and London.

Lecturers will be industry professionals.

The scheme is in 3 parts:

  • 15 hours practical dance training in Ballet, Modern/Jazz, Tap and Street/Commercial using the bespoke GB Training/BDQT dance teacher training “Programme of Study”.

  • 15 hours teacher training by way of placements in dancing schools operating the syllabi from the Awarding Body that sponsored you.

  • You will be required to study one day a week with “GB Training” in Maths, English & Business Studies if you do not have a GSCE “0” level in these subjects and this will be in addition to the 30 hours per week aforementioned.

Successful candidates will be awarded the BDQT/GB Training - Dance Teacher Training.

Certificate (Level 5) plus the Associate teaching qualification/s in the subjects studied – issued by the Awarding Body attached to your teacher training and upon taking and passing the Associate examination at the end of the scheme.

This scheme is government funded and gives you a set of qualifications and skills that you can actually use in the real world of dance teaching; either in established dance schools or to become self-employed and open your own dance school.

This scheme is only suitable for the most dedicated and hard - working candidate;

geared purely at dance and the art of teaching dance……interested?


For more details please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 0121 318 7771

Independent Dance Training (IDT)

The Independent Dance Training (IDT) is a UK based dance examination board and teaching association. We represent dance teachers and schools from the UK and overseas.

Our Programmes of Study cover all aspects of Dance and Performing Arts. We support our members by offering: Courses & Training (both regional and head office based); Advice, and a friendly and knowledgeable ear when needed.


Email: office@independentdancetraining.co.uk

Tel: 01268 724500

Dance Teachers Federation (DTF)

Formed in 1993.

To provide a comprehensive syllabus covering the main subjects of Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Acrobatic. Carefully structured to suit the ‘once a week' pupil which so many schools have as a majority of their pupils.

Each syllabus provides a graded approach to the subject, from Pre-Primary to Grade 5.

Presented in a format that is clear and detailed, and designed to encourage young teachers with small schools.

Beyond the basic syllabus, we have a Major Examination Syllabus in all the main subjects. Designed as Teaching Examinations, they provide us with the new schools of the future.

D.T.F. hold regular "continuing professional development" (CPD) days for our examiners to ensure high standards and consistent assessment of candidates when taking examinations.

D.T.F. is a member of the Board of Dance Qualifications and Training (BDQT) and holds Full Accreditation - regular comprability studies take place across the board to ensure standards are upheld.

We are a friendly association where the first consideration has always been to the pupils of our members, their well being and safety are paramount in the way that we work.


Dance Teachers Federation

Tel: 0845 459 9364

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contemporary Dance Association (CDA)

The CDA offers the first contemporary dance syllabus available for dance schools across the country. Contemporary dance is expanding and is becoming more popular amongst young dancers. This syllabus allows teachers to focus on the benefits, value and enjoyment of contemporary whilst allowing students to study a dance genre unlike any other.

CDA has designed a syllabus of 7 graded examinations available for dancers aged 9 years and above, specially designed along the Graham and Cunningham techniques. This syllabus is about enjoying music focusing on the sounds and use of djembe drums, and the freedom of movement helping the dancer feel space and breadth of movements. While teaching them to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, fall, momentum, and the use of gravity, the students continue to enjoy a sense of dance as they progress up through the levels.

Contact Details

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.cdancea.com

Cumann Ceilteach Rince Gaelach (CAID)

C.A.I.D was established in April 2000 by Chairperson Christina Sweetland. Christina started the organisation to provide Teachers, Children with an organisation that is about fun and enjoyment in their art of Irish Dancing.

The organisation started with 4 Irish dancing schools of which 2 schools which originally started in C.A.I.D are still very actively involved.

Now in its 14th year we now have 15 schools based across the UK.

The majority of the dancing schools are based within London and South East of England, but we do not restrict or only accept schools from this area, we have schools registered with C.A.I.D who are based across England right up to Scotland.


The Management Committee

James Syrad: Chairperson - Head of the organisation, James is responsible for making the decisions within the organisation. James works very closely with Tracey Sweetland to ensure the smooth running or the organisation and kept up to date with the day to day running

Contact Details: James Syrad
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tracey Sweetland: Secretary - Tracey is the organisation secretary, who in the absence of Christina or James will carry out work required for the smooth running of the organisation.

Contact Details: Tracey Sweetland
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Association of Russian Ballet and Theatre Arts (ARBTA)

Patrons: Mikhail Messerer , Olga Sabadoch and Svetlana Adyrkhaeva

We are a non-profit making organisation promoting Russian Classical Ballet and complementary Theatre Dance and Drama through affiliated schools, to encourage a wider appreciation of the arts.

We provide an infrastructure of accredited teachers, examinations and awards, providing seminars, courses and annual performance opportunities for our members.

Apart from offering ballet examinations, up to and including advanced teaching diploma and Major examinations, the Association also offers an examination systems for complimentary Jazz/Theatre Dance and Character Dance. We now have a new Tap awards syllabus and hope in the future to add a Drama award syllabus.

Courses and seminars are held throughout the year to bring and share information and skills throughout our membership.

Our new look Syllabi are now available.

For further information and prices please contact the examinations secretary.


The General Secretary (A.R.B.T.A.)
58 Vicarage Road Watford Herts WD18 0EW

01923 803 780

Web: http://www.arbta.org.uk/

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