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Contemporary Dance Association (CDA)

The CDA offers the first contemporary dance syllabus available for dance schools across the country. Contemporary dance is expanding and is becoming more popular amongst young dancers. This syllabus allows teachers to focus on the benefits, value and enjoyment of contemporary whilst allowing students to study a dance genre unlike any other.

CDA has designed a syllabus of 7 graded examinations available for dancers aged 9 years and above, specially designed along the Graham and Cunningham techniques. This syllabus is about enjoying music focusing on the sounds and use of djembe drums, and the freedom of movement helping the dancer feel space and breadth of movements. While teaching them to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, fall, momentum, and the use of gravity, the students continue to enjoy a sense of dance as they progress up through the levels.

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Website: www.cdancea.com

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  • BDQT Accreditation: BDQT Accreditation
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